• MBK115V - Mounting bracket for VEXO115(A)
  • MBK115V - Mounting bracket for VEXO115(A)
  • MBK115V - Mounting bracket for VEXO115(A)


NewMounting bracket for VEXO115(A)
5 years
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The MBK115V mounting bracket is specially designed for mounting the VEXO115 series speakers. These optional clever U-brackets allow the easy installation of the VEXO series both horizontally and vertically, thanks to a provided slot the VEXO series speaker will glide easily and safely into the bracket making installation a piece of cake.

A possible inclination of -90° to +35° ensures optimal positioning of the speakers. It is even possible to mount the VEXO series to the ceiling which allows installing the loudspeaker cleanly in any environment.

For the installation of these brackets, the pole flange adapter in the bottom of the speaker has to be replaced with a screw flange adapter, which is included with these optional brackets. They are constructed of solid steel and come with all the necessary parts for safe mounting. This bracket is also available in white.

Technical specifications

Available models
MBK115V/B Black version
MBK115V/W White version
Product Features
Dimensions 105 x 716 x 354 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 6.05 kg
Construction Steel
Colours Black (MBK115V/B)
White (MBK115V/W)


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