Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

House of Hype

The House of Hype, nestled in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the largest entertainment park experience that connects the real world to the world of virtual reality. It combines content creation and state-of-the-art physical video games, creating a fun world. To elevate the customer experience, the park boasts a cutting-edge, award-winning audio solution delivered by AUDAC distributor Venuetech. With a meticulous selection of 842 top-of-the-line AUDAC products, the House of Hype delivers an unparalleled audio experience.

At its core lies a fully Dante™ based system consisting among other things, of two LUNA-F Flexible network audio matrix processors, a pinnacle of audio engineering. The LUNA-F originally has 16 channels available, the addition of the optional 8x8 Dante™/AES67 license, enables the LUNA to have 64 channels in a compact form of 1HE. This setup, used in The House of Hype ensures control over 128 zones, spanning the expansive space the facility. Powering this state-of-the art audio solution are the PMQ’s and SMQ’s power amplifiers. They are equipped with ANI44XT Dante™ Audio Network Interface Cards, allowing these amplifiers to be integrated into any Dante™ enabled AV network.

This setup is also provided of 3 XMP44 SourceCon™ modular audio systems, creating 12 input sources where 12 NPM40 Audio Streaming Sourcecon™ Modules were installed. This enables the opportunity to serve each zone with the desired source. This network controlled setup can be fully controlled with AUDAC Touch™.

A stunning 240 AUDAC loudspeakers were installed. 100 units of the WX802MK2 loudspeaker were strategically placed throughout the venue. This wall speaker delivers immersive audio experiences, captivating visitors with its remarkable performance and precision. Complementing this speaker are the ALTI6/B loudspeakers, meticulously integrated to create an audio landscape that mesmerizes.

To further enhance the experience, The House of Hype features an array of cutting-edge ceiling speakers strategically positioned throughout the venue. Among them, the CELO8S, the CALI424 and the CELO2 speakers, seamlessly blending into the venue's ambiance by the added black front grill. To complete the experience, CELO8S High-end 8" ceiling subwoofers and BASO Compact bass reflex cabinets were used to create more vibrant sounds and elevate the overall experience.

The House of Hype has set a new standard for audio excellence, captivating visitors with the audio innovation in Riyadh's entertainment scene. Their audio solution won the award for most impressive case study. 

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