• AUDAC Touch™ Plus - Enhance your AUDAC Touch™ experience

AUDAC Touch™ Plus

NewEnhance your AUDAC Touch™ experience

Available versions

SL-PLUS1 License AUDAC Touch™ Plus - Version 1.0
  • Ideal for end-users
  • Additional functionalities
  • More personalisation
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AUDAC Touch™ Plus is a collection of features that you will be able to use to equip clients' dashboards with additional functionalities and personalised elements. These include additional widgets for added convenience and customization options for your dashboards.
Open dashboard widget
Custom image widget
Custom image widget
Fade volume button: Gradually change your audio to a certain level
Clock widget
Clock widget
Input button
Play mode button: Change the play mode of your MMP40
AUDAC Touch™ Plus - Enhance your AUDAC Touch™ experience
Custom dashboard theming
Personalise your dashboards

Custom dashboard theming

Not just extra features but also on looks, AUDAC Touch™ Plus allows you to add extra things. Equip your dashboard with a clock widget or customise it with your logo without any effort.

Advanced widgets
The possibilities are endless

Advanced widgets

Thanks to the advanced widgets available with the AUDAC Touch™ Plus license, you unlock an additional world of possibilities for your dashboard.

Technology partners

At AUDAC, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. To do this, we work with a variety of technology partners to access a wider range of expertise and capabilities.


AUDAC Touch™ is compatible with a vast amount of AUDAC products. For the most recent list of compatible AUDAC products you can contact our support department.

Minimal system requirements:

Any iOS device running iOS 13.1 or higher.
Any Apple device running MacOS 10.10 (x64) or higher.
Any Android device running official builds of Android 8.1 or higher
Any Windows device running Windows 7 (x64) or higher.
Any Linux device running Linux (x64).

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