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NewSend paging messages with AUDAC Touch™

Available versions

SL-PAGE1 License AUDAC Touch™ Page - Version 1.0
  • Direct paging control
  • Custom zone selection
  • Trigger & choose voice files
  • Custom paging widgets
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The AUDAC Touch™ page license unlocks the virtual paging capabilities within AUDAC Touch™. Voice messages can be sent via the app to your chosen zones without having to use the microphone.

Currently, AUDAC Touch™ Page is compatible with the M2 & R2 audio matrix in combination with an APM microphone. In the future, we will extend this to the Atellio family products as well. More details and information on this will follow soon.

Virtual APM target toggle: Create toggle buttons for zones individually or group multiple zones.
Dynamic voice file picker: Pick a recorded message that you want to transmit. 
Paging widget: Send a message to the desired zones.
Easily recreate your projects' floorplan for an easy zone and paging overview.
AUDAC Touch™ Page - Send paging messages with AUDAC Touch™
Trigger & choose voice files
Effortlessly control your broadcasting

Trigger & choose voice files

Trigger recorded voice files such as safety warning, commercial messages or other messages directly from AUDAC Touch™.

Custom zone selection
At your fingertips

Custom zone selection

Get your entire installation in one overview regardless of size and number of zones. From here you can then quickly and easily group zones and change inputs or send certain messages.

Direct paging control
Paging from within Touch™

Direct paging control

Activate your paging microphone directly from AUDAC Touch™ to send certain spoken messages to the zones that you have selected. 

Technology partners

At AUDAC, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. To do this, we work with a variety of technology partners to access a wider range of expertise and capabilities.


AUDAC Touch™ is compatible with a vast amount of AUDAC products. For the most recent list of compatible AUDAC products you can contact our support department.

Minimal system requirements:

Any iOS device running iOS 13.1 or higher.
Any Apple device running MacOS 10.10 (x64) or higher.
Any Android device running official builds of Android 8.1 or higher
Any Windows device running Windows 7 (x64) or higher.
Any Linux device running Linux (x64).

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