Antwerp, Belgium

The Loop

"Due to fast changes in the retail industry the last couple of years, the company RetailDetail decided to build an experience center, called The Loop, that shows their idea of ‘the shop of the future’. By creating so, they want to show the industry how customers will be shopping in the future. One of the key parts is stimulating all senses of the customer. And this is exactly why RetailDetail turned to Thisplays2 for the entire AUDAC audio installation. Besides 4 ATEO6 loudspeakers to cover the main shopping experience area, they also chose 2 ATEO4 loudspeakers for the back office, 2 ATEO4’s for the changing-rooms and 2 ATEO4’s to cover the ‘Living experience’ area of the complex. Inside the Retail Café, they installed 4 ATEO6 loudspeakers together with an SX408/A active subwoofer. When entering the Loop, the visitor also experiences the outdoor sounds coming from 3 WX302/0B weatherproof loudspeakers. This allows The Loop to attract visitors from the street in front of the complex. To power this dispersed sound, they used CAP424 quad channel 100V power amplifiers together with a DPA152 dual channel amplifier. As a central control unit, they chose an MTX88 together with 2 MWX65 all-in-one wall panels. Thanks to the webserver and RS232 controllability available on the MTX88, they are able to send controlled messages to the visitor.

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