Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium


Terland is a restaurant located in one of the most beautiful locations of Flanders in Belgium. Located next on a beach in nature park Terhills, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience in the only national park in Belgium. There is also a bar right next to the beach where customers can enjoy a drink, comfort and even a swim. In short, Terland is the hotspot for food, drinks and relaxation when in the area of Limburg, Belgium. To further expand their unique atmosphere, Terland approached AUDAC partner Media Service for a professional audio installation.

8 x WX802/O and 12 x WX502 /O outdoor universal wall loudspeakers were used to cover the outside area of the domain. The speakers need to be able to resist extreme weather conditions throughout all the four seasons. Our WX series of wall speakers are IP55 rated and are equipped with a powdered coating and enforced mounting bracket. Due to these unique features, the wall speakers are a solid fit for producing good sound quality and guaranteeing outside durability. To ensure a powerful and detailed sound inside, 21 x VEXO8 loudspeakers were used in the audio installation. To improve the excellent accuracy and clarity provided by the VEXO8 even more, 5 x BASO15 bass cabinets were used resulting in a premium sound experience over all frequency ranges.

The set-up is powered by 4 x SMQ750 and 1 x PMQ480 WaveDynamics™ amplifiers to guarantee a safe set-up thanks to the configurable loudspeaker protection. Loudspeaker pre-sets and system configuration can be loaded into the amplifiers to guarantee a premium sound experience in the acoustically different environments.

The reference of this solution even won an award during the annual Belgium partner days at AUDAC. With their new professional audio integration from AUDAC, Terland can now take their restaurant to the next level. Enjoy amazing food, tasty drinks, great music and beautiful nature all in 1 place at Terland.

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