Kyiv, Ukraine


Since 2020, visitors and residents of Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, can undergo a real shopping experience in the shopping and business center Retroville. Retroville is a unique concept, a true lifestyle center. The shopping mall contains 120 334 m³ and offers a huge range of different types of stores. From food to household hypermarkets, clothes and shoes shops, book stores, kids stores, and much more. Besides the shopping experience, you can also work on your physics in a 4 436 m³ fitness club named SPORT LIFE, the largest fitness club in Ukraine. Another characteristic of Retroville is a central area containing 1 300 m² with an event zone, adapted to organize events such as festivals, fairs, workshops, concerts or where people just can relax for a moment. The complex contains the largest food-court area in all of Kiev where about 725 people can eat. In addition to shopping and dining, an entertainment area is provided for children that includes a movie theatre for watching a relaxing movie.

To boost the customer experience, Retroville was looking for a high-quality audio installation. As shopping malls are sophisticated spaces, Complex-V, AUDAC's exclusive distributor in Ukraine, started with a 3D model of the project to fully adapt the wishes and needs of the customer.

A total of 630 AUDAC speakers were placed over the surface of the entire shopping center both inside and outside. 152 CIRA5 QuickFit™ ceiling speakers and 37 CIRA7 QuickFit™ ceiling speakers provide a clear sound that allows the visitors to enjoy music throughout the shopping mall and blend perfectly with the interior thanks to their borderless design. These speakers are powered by multiple PMQ600 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel 100v power amplifiers. 24 CELO2 high-end ceiling speakers provide high-end audio reproduction from compact, low-profile speakers which seem to disappear into the interior design of spaces together with 21 CALI424 SafeLatch™ ceiling speakers that were chosen to optimally fulfil the special needs of the different areas within the shopping center. Each ceiling speaker was installed in just a few minutes thanks to the TwistFix™ system.

To bring the sound experience to an even higher level, different wall speakers were used throughout the shopping complex. 18 WX302 universal wall speakers, and 352 WX502 universal wall speakers were placed to create an even sound coverage. In addition to the wall speakers, column speakers also bring a great advantage into this application. They are especially designed for optimal speech and sound reproduction in open areas with high ceilings. Therefore 8 AXIR design column speakers were installed in Retroville and are powered by the SMQ750 - WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifier.

For optimal sound quality in the outdoor area, 14 WX802_O outdoor universal wall speakers were installed together with 4 HS212T full range horn speakers 12” 100V to provide long throw, full range sound projection. 

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