Gothenburg, Sweden

Restaurant Tvakanten

The famous restaurant Tvåkanten on the Avenue in Gothenburg, has undergone a renovation where DJ Society had the pleasure to supply and install a complete AUDAC sound system.The installation is divided into 4 zones that can be individually controlled by the AUDAC MTX48 4 zone audio matrix.

Each area has its own wall panel where staff can select the channel and the volume they desire. At the bar, the music is provided by a DJ while in this zone, you will be able to enjoy the sounds coming from 8 AUDAC XENO6 full range loudspeakers together with 4 AUDAC SX408 subwoofer cabinets. The entire system is powered by 1 x AUDAC SMQ750 amplifier which allowed the system integrators to load the right speaker presets, optimizing the sound quality even more and providing a bullet proof protection for their loudspeakers.

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