Constanta, Romania

Downtown building

In Constanţa, Romania’s largest and most important port city on the Black Sea, there is a new and innovative concept called the ‘Downtown Building'. This concept consists of two different restaurants and one bar divided over three floors of a skyscraper.

On the 5th floor of this beachfront building is a Mediterranean restaurant called Aquario. In its intimate setting where a large team of chefs produces exceptional dishes you can listen to warm and detailed background music which is produced by 15 CELO8 High-end 2-way ceiling speakers. To power these high-end ceiling speakers two DPA Quad-channel Class-D amplifiers were used. The complete sound system is controlled by a reliable and simple to operate PRE16 6-channel stereo preamplifier.

In the basement of the same building you can find ‘Gheea’ : a modern and contemporary steak house that offers a variety of wines and serves delicious steaks. Here you can enjoy the more catching sound of the VEXO8 Compact high-power speakers accommodated with the BASO15 Bass reflex cabinet. Together these speakers form a combination that is also suitable for live performances.

The ‘Touch Cafe’ is located on the 6th floor of the building. The founder of this bar noticed that the youth doesn’t socialize anymore as a result of their smartphones. That is why he placed gigantic tablets in every table of the bar so that friends immediately can share their discoveries with each other. You can drink a coffee while listening to a famous DJ playing on a FORTE8.6 set solution system that consist of four VEXO8 8” Compact high-power loudspeakers and two BASO15 Bass reflex cabinets all powered by just one SMQ750 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifier. Thanks to the WaveDynamics™ amplifier the pre-defined configuration of the FORTE8.6 set solution was downloaded from a library and loaded into the amplifier using the USB port. The same FORTE8.6 set solution is used for the covered balcony of the bar that is used for live bands and DJ’s.

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