Harderwijk, the Netherlands

Dikke Dirck

In a small historical city, located in the center of the Netherlands, a colorful restaurant recently complemented the local market place. ‘Dikke Dirck’ what translates to Fat Dirck is the perfect base for a delicious lunch, dinner or drink. In the Open kitchen they prepare the best meat on an authentic charcoal grill, which gives their customers a delicious experience.

When they needed an audio installation that would fit perfectly into this authentic setting they turned to The Production Group. The owner desired an equally distributed sound experience in combination with easy handling. The Production Company proposed and installed an user-friendly AUDAC audio system with the following components. One PRE116, 6 channel stereo preamplifier that excels in its user- friendliness. Power to the speaker is provided by the EPA254 quad-channel amplifier. This energy efficient amplifier powers the beautifully designed 8 ATEO4 wall speakers so that your meat is served with pleasantly clear background music.

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