Jakarta, Indonesia

Canisius College

Established by the Jesuits on July 1, 1927 until now more than 90 years later Canisius college has been working and innovating continuously in the education of future leaders. Canisius College as a special school for boys that has two units namely SMP Kolese Kanisius (middle school) and SMA Kolese Kanisius (high school). Having a vision to be a center of excellence in educational services for future faithful leaders, Canisius College runs the educational services by always prioritizing the 4C, namely competence, which means promoting competency by not forgetting conscience and developing compassion towards fellow with full commitment.

The school is located in the center of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta and mainly focuses on 2 pillars: Natural science and Social science. There are many extracurricular activities such as chess, football, basketball, and more that students can do at school. When the school was looking for a new audio system for in and around their premises they contacted Jakarta-based distributor to PT Panca Inti Bermitra.

They presented a high-quality all-around installation by AUDAC to the school board. To ensure that the school could be divided into sufficient separate audio zones, the system was built around no fewer than 6 MTX88 8-zone audio matrixes. For amplification, 11 energy-efficient EPA254 Quad-channel Class-D amplifiers were chosen.

The main loudspeaker used is the CENA8 8” ceiling speakers. More than 100 units were installed throughout the school complex. Aside from the wonderful price to quality performance, the CENA8 stands out because of the time-saving SpringFit™ fixation innovation. For outdoor areas, the WX802/O outdoor universal loudspeakers were used. With their aluminum design and AWX5™ connector, these speakers are fully weatherproof and therefore ideally suited to Indonesia's tropical climate. Finally, 4 x XENO6 full range speakers were used in the sports hall. These deliver a more powerful punch that might be needed to motivate the students during their gym classes.

For the school board, it was very important that the installation could be easily operated from different locations by the teachers. For this reason, 35 all-in-one wall panels were also installed at strategic locations throughout the buildings. Thanks to these wall panels, teachers can easily control the input & volume of each zone. Additional sources can also be connected here, such as a microphone or mobile phone. A PDM200 paging microphone is used for voice messages to the students.

Through the complete AUDAC setup, the school is now suited with all the technologies necessary for enabling the students to develop themselves in the right atmosphere.

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