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Optical fiber kit
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The OPT2 is a fiber interconnection interface for the R2 and M2 Digital Multi-Zone & Multi-Media Matrix Systems. This module makes it possible to transfer up to 16 digital audio signals over one single fiber conductor (8 stereo channels) for covering large distances.A duplex 62.5 / 125 µm multimode glass fiber terminated with ST/PC connectors should be used for linking the devices with each other.The wiring of the entire system needs to be done according to a closed loop principle where the output is connected to the input of the next device in the chain and the last device gives feedback to the input of the first device.Multiple devices (up to 15 pcs) can be cascaded through series linking with a maximum distance of 1000 meters between two devices. The especially developed protocol for this purpose guarantees an accurate signal transmission with maximal speed and reliability. The OPT2 includes all software and accessories (except the fiber) which are necessary to control and configure the system. The selection of the signals to be transferred and the zone assignment can be made in the user interface of the system.Recommended fiber to be used in combination with OPT2 is ‘PROCAB FBS125 Duplex Fiber Optic ST/PC to ST/PC 62.5/125µm’. This optic transmitter is compatible with 50/125 μm, 62.5/125 μm, 100/140 μm, and 200 μm HCS® Fiber.

Technical specifications

System specifications
Used cable 62.5 / 125 " multimode glass
Connectors ST/PC Connectors
Wavelength 820 nm
Max. length 39370.079 "
Outputs Power -10.5 dBm peak
Product Features
Dimensions 2.76 x 1.18 x 0.47 " (W x H x D)
Accessories Optional Procab FBS125 Duplex fiber connection cable ST/PC



It is possible to place different R2 and M2 units on different locations in separate buildings. This solution can be useful when the audio system from a factory should be linked between different production plants and/or office buildings.
The control of these matrix systems (multiple linked with each other) can be done through the web-based user interface on two different ways.

  1. Connect each individual matrix systems to a LAN network, while assigning each of them a unique IP address. The access to the matrix can be achieved by connecting to every matrix its unique IP address.
  2. Connect ONE of the linked matrix systems to a LAN network, while others are only connected through the fiber interconnection. The access to the matrix systems (all of them) can be done through the IP address of the matrix connected to the LAN network. Control for other linked matrix systems can be done by selecting the address of the desired matrix system in the web-based user interface, and data intended for other linked matrix systems will be transferred over the fiber interconnection.

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