Discontinued 3-way active speaker system 5" - 2x35w

Replaced by LX503MK2

The LX503 is a 3-way stereo loudspeaker set that consists of a passive and one active loudspeaker with a power of 2 x 35 Watt. It is a powerful and flexible solution for a wide variation of indoor applications such as audio-video applications, monitoring and presentations. The active loudspeaker has several control functions located at the back, like a volume control and a bass and treble equalisation regulator. The stereo line input signal has to be fed to two RCA connectors or one mini-jack connector located at the back of the active speaker, where also the output connection to the passive speaker is located. The speakers are delivered with a powder coated steel mounting bracket and are availaible in black (/B) and white (/W).


  • Discontinued LX503/B - 3-way active speaker system 5" 2x35 watt - black
    Replaced by LX503MK2/B
  • Discontinued LX503/W - White version
    Replaced by LX503MK2/W
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