Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

The Ripley's Museum in Amsterdam offers its visitors a journey of discovery through extraordinary, frightening or exciting stories and art objects. The Museum is a tribute to the cartoonist and explorer Mr Robert L. Ripley. He travelled around the world and discovered many strange stories and objects during his unusual adventures.

He decided to start collecting them in his own cabinet of curiosities. His collection started to grow rapidly whereupon he started the Ripleys foundation to ensure that everyone could enjoy his own cabinet of curiosities. 95 years later the collection contains over 25.000 pieces with their own history. His stories and adventures can now be admired in museums and books all over the world. And each story is always ended by the now widely known and used quote ‘believe it or not’.

In the 2.000 m² odditorium of Amsterdam you will find over 500 amazing artefacts of fascinating, outrageous and interactive exhibits. But believe it or not such museum would only be a dull experience without the right accompanying audio installation. So the museum turned to the expertise of NFGD Audiovisual who proposed and installed a complete AUDAC installation.

To provide the whole museum with sound, a staggering total amount of 120 individual speakers were used. The largest area is occupied by 110 units of the WX302 universal wall speakers. In the area’s that needed more audio power, 2 additional LX503MK2 speakers and 8 MERO2 high-end wall speakers were added to the system. To power this setup, 1 CAP448 four channel 100V power amplifier of 4x480 Watt and 1 CAP424 four channel 100V power amplifier of 4x240 Watt were used.

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