• STG601 - Steel drop safety wire HF Express 2 - 1 meter


NewSteel drop safety wire HF Express 2 - 1 meter
5 years
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Tool free suspension kit designed with a keyless release mechanism for fast suspension of a variety of speaker applications. This kit includes a wire with M6 x 20mm ending, gripple keyless release mechanism and supports loads up to 45 kg with a 5:1 safety factor.

  • Quick – ergonomic buttons allow for rapid adjustment, no Setting Key required
  • Safe – no tools or hot works permit required for installation, improving health and safety on-site
  • Aesthetic – the design complements enclosed and open soffit spaces
  • Lightweight – easy to move and handle on-site, whilst reducing the load on the building structure

Technical specifications

Product Features
Max. load 45 kg

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