ATEOxM series

Bright sound, effortless integration.

After a decade of sonic excellence, the Ateo series has now redefined 'effortless', setting new industry standards for in- and full outdoor applications. Say farewell to visible wires at the back as we present the fastest installation time available today. With ATEO, sound isn't just heard; it's felt, it's experienced, and it's transcendent through emotions.

  • ATEO6M - In & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™
  • ATEO6M - In & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™
  • ATEO6M - In & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™
  • ATEO6M - In & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™
  • ATEO6M - In & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™
  • ATEO6M - In & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™


NewIn & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™
  • Ultra-flat frequency response
  • Weatherproof - IP66 rating
  • Hydrophobic cloth behind aluminum grill
  • Unmatched sonic brilliance
  • 720 Hours salt spray test
  • Marine grade build quality & UV resistant
  • Save up to 50% installation time thanks to CleverMount™+
  • External power tap selection
  • Screwless WAGO connections for quick & safe connection with linktrough up to 4mm²
  • No wires or bracket visible from the back
  • Extremely firm fixation from front, allowing swift and accurate inclination
  • Optional mounts for inclination angle or light track mounting
5 years
16 Ohm
8 Ohm
70/100 V
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The ATEOxM series are extraordinary loudspeakers especially designed for fixed installation in- & outdoor applications, ranging from modern residential applications to the most demanding designer applications in environments such as retail stores, pubs, restaurants or even clubs.

The ATEO6M is the 6” version, with a 1” dome tweeter and a 6” Mid / Low frequency driver, ensuring a true-to-nature, high-fidelity reproduction of music and speech, whilst maintaining an ultra-flat frequency response. It features a stunningly designed and elegant-looking weatherproof ABS housing which is fitted with high-quality components. What makes this loudspeaker range so exceptional is the specially designed mounting system using the weatherproof CleverMount+™ technology, making the loudspeaker cabinet flow together with the mounting system providing great ease for installing the loudspeaker in one good-looking entity. This design loudspeaker forms the ideal solution for fixed-install in- & outdoor applications.

With the improved CleverMount+™ innovation, mounting and connection of the loudspeaker happens in seconds after attaching the wall mount to the desired location. During installation, the wires can easily be connected to the integrated WAGO connectors. For ease of installation & modification, the ATEOxM loudspeakers come with an external power tap selection switch located on the rear of the speaker. Like this, it’s really child’s play to install a large number of loudspeakers in no time.

All ATEOxM series speakers are available in black (/B) or white (/W).

Begin by effortlessly affixing our supplied wall mount to your preferred spot on any wall. Our mount securely fastens with four screws, ensuring stability and durability. Levelling of the speaker can be done in step 3! WAGO connectors handle up to 4.0 mm2 cable section, ensuring a reliable and secure connection. Enjoy installer convenience with spring cage terminals, no extra tools required!.
ATEOxM has two connection latches on it and those connection latches should be placed to attachment points on CleverMount+™ mounting system. When the mounting is done correctly, connecting blades of mounting system will be mated with ATEOxM and a clicking sound will be heard.
No levelling needed! Extremely firm fixation from front, allowing swift and accurate inclination. Elevate your experience by effortlessly customizing the placement to suit your unique preferences. With versatile mounting choices, achieving the perfect setup is a breeze, offering you unparalleled flexibility in creating the ideal environment.
ATEO6M - In & outdoor surface mount loudspeaker with CleverMount+™
IP66 rated - all-weather resistant
Marine grade build quality

IP66 rated - all-weather resistant

An optimized loudspeaker design with an aluminum grill with hydrophobic mesh, to achieve an IP66 rating. Thanks to its elegant ABS housing, ATEOxM is also 720-hour salt spray certified and UV resistant.

External power tap selection
Adjust and tweak to your needs

External power tap selection

Need to tweak the loudspeaker settings after installation? No problem, the ATEOxM has an integrated external power tap selector hidden on the rear. Easy and quick access in seconds!

Save up to 50% on installation time
Innovative CleverMount+™

Save up to 50% on installation time

Thanks to the patented CleverMount+™ mounting technology these loudspeakers have the advantage of making the speaker cabinet flow together with the mounting bracket providing a great ease for installing the loudspeaker in one good-looking entity. A safe installation of the loudspeaker is acquired thanks to the separate bracket base.

WAGO connections
Great installer convenience

WAGO connections

These design loudspeakers come with official WAGO connectors for the perfect high-quality and reliable electrical installation. WAGO connectors allow up to 4.0 mm2 cable section. Great installer convenience is provided with the WAGO spring cage terminals, no additional tools are needed!

Technical specifications

Available models
ATEO6M/B Black version - 8Ω and 100V
ATEO6M/W White version - 8Ω and 100V
ATEO6DM/B Black version - 16Ω
ATEO6DM/W White version - 16Ω
System specifications
Speaker type Full range
Peak power handling 240 W
Program power handling 120 W
RMS/AES power handling 60 W
Impedance 8 Ω (ATEO6M)
16 Ω (ATEO6DM)
Incline angle Left 30°
Right 30°
Bottom 30°
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 89 dB
Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) @ 8 Ω 106 dB
@ 100 V 105 dB
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 65 Hz - 20 kHz
Range (-10 dB) 55 Hz - 20 kHz
Dispersion Horizontal 120°
Vertical 120°
Connectors 2 x WAGO terminal block connections
Drivers 1” Dome tweeter
6” MF / LF Woofer
Line Transformer Tappings 1 100 Ω - 100 V / Not used - 70 V / 50 W
2 200 Ω - 100 V / 50 W - 70 V / 25 W
3 400 Ω - 100 V / 25 W - 70 V / 12.5 W
4 800 Ω - 100 V / 12.5 W - 70 V / 6.25 W
Ingress Protection rating IP66
Product Features
Dimensions 7.60 x 13.68 x 8.47 " (W x H x D)
Weight 8.42 lb
Operating temperature -4 °F ~ 140 °F
Accessories Included Allen-key wrench
Mounting Weatherproof CleverMount+™
Construction ABS
Front finish Aluminium grill with hydrophobic cloth
Colours Black (RAL9005) (ATEO6M/B, ATEO6DM/B)
White (RAL9003) (ATEO6M/W, ATEO6DM/W)
Recommended applications
Bars & Restaurants


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