Gent, Belgium

Sportcomplex Gantoise

Gantoise is a multisports club located in Gent, Belgium and for their new sporting facility they needed a complete AV integration. The sporting facility consists of a hockey stadium, 4 hockey pitches, 11 tennis courts and 6 padel courts. In addition to this, there is also a bar, restaurant and multiple meeting rooms. For answering all the different needs of the sports club, they chose Sovilux and AUDAC as their ideal partners to guarantee a successful integration.

Since the sporting complex is so multifunctional, a very unique solution had to be created by Sovilux to cater to all the different needs of the different spaces. For the outside area of the restaurant, the VIRO5 Compact performance loudspeaker was used because it’s perfectly suitable for outdoor use thanks to its high-grade materials. The combination of the cloth, sealing rubbers and drainage holes on the bottom of the speaker make it IP55 compliant which guarantees protection against bad weather conditions all year long. The VIRO5 is also a very powerful loudspeaker which is needed for ideal coverage on the big terrace.  The inside areas like the bar, reception and sanitary rooms are equipped with the XENO6 full range- and VEXO8 high power loudspeakers with a complementary BASO15 Bass reflex cabinet. In the areas where clear background music was essential, the ATEO series of loudspeakers were used. At the locations where mounting a loudspeaker was a bit more challenging, the ATEO’s were installed with ease thanks to the Clevermount technology. 

For the hockey stadium, it was important to be able to play music and switch to a mic input in an instant. This was accomplished by using the PMQ 480 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel 70/100V power amplifier that offers great input flexibility and source compatibility thanks to the input selection matrix. To make it even more flexible and to offer even more control a PRE126 2 zone – 6 channel stereo preamplifier was used. By using the preamplifier, connecting mobile devices has been made very easy thanks to an integrated Bluetooth receiver and 3.5mm jack connection. It also allows linking autonomous alarm systems and makes volume control very easy thanks to the rotary dials on the front panel. 4 X HS212TMK2 Full range horn speakers were used in the stadium to guarantee not only good quality music but also a high speech intelligibility to make sure the public announcer in the stadium can be clearly understood. These IP65-rated speakers were installed outside using the MBK212 mounting bracket making it resistant to bad weather conditions all year long. 

For providing this big professional audio installation with enough power, the SMQ and PMQ series of amplifiers were used. By using this series of amplifiers, the acoustical performance can be improved even more by using filters that can be configured by using the front panel on these devices. In order to be able to provide the system with music an XMP44 - SourceCon™ professional modular audio system was used with an IMP40 and NMP40 module installed. This way the staff can stream both radio and streaming services to the installation.

With their new professional audio solution from AUDAC, sports complex Gantoise is completely ready for providing a great sporting experience for all their members and guests.

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