Elbigenalp, Austria

Geierwally open-air theater

Wildly romantic and in bizarre rock formations, the Bernhardstal canyon meanders its way towards the city of Elbigenalp. In the middle of this canyon lies the Geierwally open-air theatre. This unique natural stage in the Tyrol region has fascinated thousands of spectators every year since the opening 1993. Thanks to a flexible roof, cultural events of all kinds as well as top-class theatre performances can be performed in all weathers. 

In 1993 the world premiere of the "Geierwally" play took place on the newly built open-air stage that ever since owes its name to the play. For the 25th anniversary of the Geierwally Open Air Theatre, the existing audio system was upgraded for the rousing premiere of the play "Lechufer - Anno 1800" in 2018. 

Due to the excellent price-performance ratio, the professional audio solutions of AUDAC convinced the responsible technicians after a sampling. Since the "Lechufer" play was focused on the music with lots of live singing, the system got tuned in the best possible way using measuring microphones before the premiere.

Most of the sound power is provided by 3 FX3.18 High-output cabinets that hang above the stage facing all sides of the audience. Additional audio coverage is provided by 6 WX802 Outdoor wall speakers 8". Both types of loudspeakers have the great benefit that they can perfectly be used in humid environments such as this open-air theater. 

The system is powered by 3 SMQ750 quad-channel power and 1 PMQ240 quad-channel 100V power amplifier. Both amplifiers feature WaveDynamics™ technology which, thanks to the powerful DSP processor that is built in the amplifiers, can deliver effortless control over the most advanced acoustic configurations that are needed in such plays.

Thanks to this complete AUDAC installation, the Geierwally open-air theater is back completely ready for the future to once again receive thousands of people in this unique theater location.

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