Prague, Czech Republic

Vista Resort

The Vista Resort harmoniously connects with nature, offering peace, balance, and privacy. Located on a hill surrounded by trees, it is close to the center of Prague. The interior promotes a healthy lifestyle, featuring areas for exercise, relaxation zones, and wellness under the treetops. The entire resort exudes a cozy and warm home-like atmosphere. Additionally, guests can indulge in unique gastronomy inspired by modern cuisine from all corners of Europe.

For their high-level facility, which includes both outdoor and indoor tennis courts, a wellness center, and a restaurant, they required a background music system. The equipment was supplied by AUDIO DIGITAL s.r.o., who also assisted with the final commissioning, particularly the software configuration. The installation, however, was carried out by the electrical installer MOSVEL, ensuring a seamless integration of the system.

Firstly, the heart of the system is the AUDAC Matrix M2 multimedia digital audio mixer, providing flexible control over audio sources and enabling seamless integration with the rest of the setup.

For versatile audio playback options, several XMP44 SourceCon professional modular audio systems were chosen, accompanied by internet audio player modules (IMP40), media player & recorder modules (MMP40), and professional Bluetooth modules (BMP40). Additionally, a DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner module (DMP40) and an audio streaming module (NMP40) were incorporated to further enhance the audio sources available.

To ensure optimal amplification, the AMP523MK2 version amplifiers were installed, along with a CAP448 quad-channel power amplifier and CAP424 quad-channel power amplifiers for efficient power distribution throughout the facility. The SMQ500 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifier was selected to deliver high-quality audio reproduction with precision.

For audio playback, the strategical placement of a combination of CIRA824/W white ceiling loudspeakers, NELO706/W white wall-mounted loudspeakers, ATEO4MK2 loudspeakers, WX802MK2/B black loudspeakers, and BASO10/B bass cabinets throughout the resort's indoor areas. Additionally, outdoor areas were equipped with WX802MK2/OB and WX502MK2/OB outdoor black loudspeakers to withstand the elements while delivering superior sound quality. To ensure comprehensive audio coverage, a full-range horn loudspeaker (HS208TMK2) was installed to reinforce audio in specific areas.

By integrating these AUDAC products, Vista Resort can offer guests a truly immersive audio experience, enhancing the overall ambiance and providing a memorable stay harmonized with nature. 

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