Keshavarzi Bank Training Center

Babolsar, Iran

Keshavarzi Bank is one of the oldest and largest financial institutions of Iran, founded back in 1933 to service the agriculture industry as a specialist farming and industrial bank. Today, the Keshavarzi Bank, has grown to encompass close to 2,000 branches and over 16,000 employees - financing almost 70% of the Iranian agricultural sector. To support its never-ending growth, the bank has recently finished construction of a large-scale training campus for its managers and staff in Babolsar that borders the coastline of the Caspian Sea and spans more than 17 hectares in total.

With a concert hall, amphitheater, training rooms, restaurants and a mosque all housed within the campus and presenting their own distinct audio requirements, the company Samnejad Gostaran was brought in to design and implement audio solutions for the entire complex.

Owned by Hassan Zakeri Jazeh, Samnejad Gostaran was successful in securing the project thanks to its 35 years' experience designing and implementing solutions for hundreds of projects throughout the country, as well as previously working with the bank on several smaller projects.

With less than two months to install hundreds of loudspeakers, it was all hands-on deck for Mr. Zakeri's 26-strong team. the biggest part of this this project was a 1,500-seat auditorium used as both a concert hall for life concerts, as well as for hosting the bank's largest training conferences. In addition to new acoustic treatment of the walls and ceiling, the concert hall is now home to a main speaker system featuring two arrays of three FX3.15 3-way cabinets flown beneath an FX1.18 subwoofers, with a further four BASO15 subs lining the stage front. Additional audience coverage comes from distributed PX115MK2, PX110MK2 and LX503MK2 speakers, while power is achieved from SMQ350, SMQ500, SMQ750 and CAP424 quad-channel as well as SMA500 and SMA750 dual-channel amps installed in a rack at the FOH position.

For the 160-seat amphitheater, a smaller system of AUDAC AXIR and KYDO column speakers mounted to the surrounding walls is powered from SMQ350 and EPA152 amplifiers located in an adjoining control room. The manufacturer's BASO12 subwoofers have been deployed in the corner of the room next to the translation booths for low-end reinforcement, while an M2 audio matrix provides zoned control. Outside the Amphitheatre is a lobby area capable of seating 250 guests if extra space is required. Here, additional audio coverage is from wall-mounted LX523s active speakers distributed around the space.

A 100-seat VIP hall for international conferences is now home to eight ATEO6 wall speakers mounted to the perimeter walls, as is the complex' Islamic prayer area.

the mosque complex houses 10 classrooms that have each been equipped with LX523 active cabinets and video projectors for presentations and multimedia playback. Two 500-capacity restaurants have also been outfitted with WX802 universal wall cabinets throughout.

Tying the massive site together, a combination of AUDAC HS208TMK2 horn and WX302/O, WX502/O and WX802/O outdoor wall-mounted speakers have been deployed across 12 zones

in the outdoor areas, all administrative offices and the 350m coastline for music playback and paging functionality that can be controlled from DW5066 wall panels installed at three locations.

With the mammoth installation completed on time, Mr. Zakeri can now relax and enjoy the fruits of his team's labor.

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