HasHotel & Bra-Goût

Hasselt, Belgium

The beautiful HasHotel in the Belgium city of Hasselt, the city of flavour, and Bra-Goût, the fine dining restaurant located in the HasHotel offers its guests amazing experiences. The chefs serve classic yet innovative cuisine, allowing guests to experience honest and pure taste sensations. Renovated in 2020, the hotel is equipped with a great new AUDAC audio installation. 

Discover the hospitality of Limburg in the Bra-Goût restaurant, where you can enjoy meals in a suitable atmosphere.  19 ATEO4MK2 4” wall speakers with CleverMount™ were chosen as the primary loudspeaker type, for guests to enjoy the full dining experience. In addition, 2 ATEO6 were equipped in the polyvalent room. The combination of the different ATEO loudspeakers guarantees the right ambience for the various spaces of the hotel. The ATEO wall speakers blend in seamlessly with the fine dining restaurant and HasHotels luxurious interior through the CleverMount™ technology, making the loudspeaker cabinet flow together with the mounting bracket.

Outside the trendy hotel, 3 WX302_O outdoor universal wall speakers were installed to provide guests on the heated terrace with excellent sound quality. Especially designed for outdoor use, these WX302_O wall speakers resist any kind of weather thanks to their special treatment with powder coating. 2 MTX88 8-zone audio matrix’ in both, the hotel and restaurant, made it possible to easily control all different areas of the facility, linking different audio zones together.

The system is powered by 1 SMQ750 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifier and 2 PMQ240 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifiers. The WaveDynamics™ technology enables effortless empowerment thanks to the powerful DSP processors built into the amplifiers. Thanks to AUDAC Touch™, all employees can control the entire audio system through custom dashboards.

The renovated interior provides the right atmosphere to match the AUDAC audio solution, providing quality background music in line with the enjoyment of the delicious cuisine and overnight stay in the luxurious rooms.  

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