MFA216 + COM104 + 6 x ATEO4 + 2 x CIRA524

With this combination of the MFA208 award-winning, all-in-one audio solution, the COM104 public adress amplifier, the ATEO4 loudspeakers and the CIRA524 loudspeakers you can cover areas of around 400 m² with true-to-nature high-fidelity music and speech.

Thanks to the integrated SourceCon™ module* slot, the implementation of any available compatible module is made possible, making the MFA208 a true all-in-one solution.

*SourceCon™ modules optionally available:

  • NMP40: Audio Streaming Sourcecon™ Module
  • BMP40: SourceCon™ professional Bluetooth module
  • IMP40: SourceCon™ internet audio player module
  • FMP40: SourceCon™ voice file media player module
  • DMP40: DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner module
  • MMP40: SourceCon™ media player & recorder module


  • Integrated SourceCon™ slot
  • Control through front panel, AUDAC Touch™ 2 & wall panel (MWX45)
  • Advanced DSP with WaveDynamics™ speaker management
  • Elegant design
  • Clevermount™ installation
  • Ultra-flat frequency response

With this set solution, you can quickly and easily divide your installation into several zones: 

  • Zone 1: MFA216 + 6 x ATEO4
  • Zone 2: COM104 + 2 x CIRA524




Bar & Restaurant

In order to create an unforgettable dining experience, a qualitative yet complete audio installation from AUDAC has been installed into this Restaurant. The ATEO wall loudspeakers that can be extremely easily installed both horizontally and vertically, provide and warm and detailed sound dispersion in the bar and restaurant area. By connecting the stereo line out of the MFA with the line in of the COM108 and by using the balanced microphone input of the MFA, as an extra line level input, we were able to create an independent 2-zone stereo system. As a result, both zones and inputs can be operated completely independently of each other.


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