MFA216 + 1 CELO8S + 4 x CELO2

The tiny and nearly invisible design of the CELO2 speakers makes the CENTO2.5 set one of the most compact high-end in-ceiling audio solutions with subwoofer that will draw your attention only through its extraordinary sound.

Supported by the CELO8S 8” ceiling subwoofer that delivers detailed and punchy bass, while the open back design enables the CELO8S to reproduce low frequencies in the most natural way possible. It comes fitted with an integrated stereo crossover that enables you to effortlessly connect your satellite speakers, resulting in the absolute finest full-range musical atmosphere.

With this combination of the MFA216 award-winning, all-in-one audio solution, the CELO8S and the CELO2 loudspeakers you can cover areas of around 200 m² with true-to-nature high-fidelity music and speech.

Thanks to the integrated SourceCon™ module* slot, the implementation of any available compatible module is made possible, making the MFA216 a true all-in-one solution.

*SourceCon™ modules optionally available:

  • NMP40: Audio Streaming Sourcecon™ Module
  • BMP40: SourceCon™ professional Bluetooth module
  • IMP40: SourceCon™ internet audio player module
  • FMP40: SourceCon™ voice file media player module
  • DMP40: DAB/DAB+ & FM tuner module
  • MMP40: SourceCon™ media player & recorder module


  • Integrated SourceCon™ slot
  • Control through front panel, AUDAC Touch™ 2 & wall panel (MWX45)
  • Advanced DSP with WaveDynamics™ speaker management
  • Near-invisible design
  • High-end sound





To provide this retail setup with an ideal high and low frequency balance, a combination of the CELO8S high-end 8” ceiling subwoofer and 4 CELO2 high end ceiling speaker was opted for. Due to the complete yet comprehensive use of the MFA all in one audio solution, no additional devices are required to make this system a full running one zone solution. As such, the speakers are amplified using the 2 x 80 watt amplification of the MFA, while it receives its input via the SoureCon™ module that can easily been slide into the device. in addition to this, the complete solution can be easily configured through the AUDAC Touch™ application which allows the owners to control the setup from any smart device they want.


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