• TRU812 - Line transformer unit 8 x 120W
  • TRU812 - Line transformer unit 8 x 120W


DiscontinuedLine transformer unit 8 x 120W
Replaced by Q4TR
5 years
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The TRU812 is a line transformer unit consisting of eight toroidal line transformers allowing low-impedance power amplifiers to be used for powering large public address audio systems with constant voltage levels of 100 Volt, 70 Volt and 50 Volt. Each line transformer has a rated power of 120 Watt, with an input impedance selectable between 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm. The secondary side of the line transformer has power taps for use in 100 Volt, 70 Volt and 50 Volt constant voltage audio distribution systems. Unlike regular line transformer units, the TRU series has a special internal decoupling network which make them suitable for use with Class-D power amplifiers. The line transformers are housed in a solid constructed 19” rack mounting housing with a height of one double rackspace. The connections for both in and output are performed using reliable Terminal blocks.

Double rackspace design
High efficiency, low distortion toroidal transformers
50V, 70V and 100V speaker level connections
4Ω, and 8Ω low impedance connections 
Terminal block in- & output connectors
TRU812 - Line transformer unit 8 x 120W

Technical specifications

System specifications
Outputs Power 8 x 120 W
Power taps 100 V
70 V
50 V
Impedance 100 V 83.33 Ω
70 V 41.67 Ω
50 V 20.83 Ω
Connector 4-pin Euro Terminal block (Pitch - 5.08 mm with screw)
Inputs Impedance 4 Ω
8 Ω
Connector 3-pin Euro Terminal block (Pitch - 5.08 mm with screw)
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 35 Hz - 20 kHz
THD+N (@ 1 kHz) < 0.1%
Transformer type Toroidal
Product Features
Dimensions 18.98 x 3.46 x 12.68 " (W x H x D)
Weight 42.11 lb
Mounting 19”
Unit height 2 HE
Construction Steel
Colours Black


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