Multi-channel digital relay unit - 4 relays

Compatible with AUDAC Touch™ 2
Remote control web interface (HTML5)
DIN rail mounting enclosure
RS485 & TCP/IP controllable
Pre-programmed timed relay triggering
Terminal block connection (In- and output)
Double pole relays with Normal Open (NO) and Normal Closed (NC) contacts
  1. Compatible with AUDAC Touch™ 2
  2. Remote control web interface (HTML5)
  3. DIN rail mounting enclosure
  4. RS485 & TCP/IP controllable
  5. Pre-programmed timed relay triggering
  6. Terminal block connection (In- and output)
  7. Double pole relays with Normal Open (NO) and Normal Closed (NC) contacts

The ARU204 is specially designed with flexibility and functionality in mind. Various ways of switching the 4 relays are provided, these include the integrated web interface, optional paging consoles and analogue contact triggering making the ARU204 AUDAC’s smartest and most innovative relay modules.

With this ingenious device, switching between audio sources, signal routing, and even customized automation setups are obtainable. The bipolar relays allow switching of balanced mono signals as well as unbalanced stereo signals. Normal open and normal closed contacts are provided as well. A wide variation of signals can be switched, ranging from line-level audio signals to amplified loudspeakers signals (Low impedance or 100V) and voltage distribution (low voltage up to 240 V AC mains voltage distribution).

Possibility for triggering relays through dry contact inputs, which can be used for triggering relays through external devices or actuators. Dry contacts priority over the digital functions/triggers. Typical applications are activations by external buttons, switches or alarm contacts.

Thanks to its modular nature, the ARU204 is perfectly suitable for small home or retail applications as well as big installations. Integration of numerous ARU20x units in one system is possible due to the RS485 which allows daisy-chaining of multiple units. The ARU208 features an RS485 in and output connector, allowing even more convenient connections. The TCP/IP control possibilities allow integration of the ARU20x’s in any ethernet network. The integrated web-browser running an HTML5 interface allows the most flexible and complete operation while the freely available command set allows integration with any TCP/IP based control or automation system.

The front of the black ABS housing provides a brief overview of its connection possibilities, while the back is equipped with a spring mount mechanism allowing easy mounting on widely available standard DIN rails. This way it’s possible to easily integrate it in any electrical cabinet where it can be powered using the optional PSD24x power supply.

System specifications
Number of relays 4
Contacts Normal open & normal closed
Control Digital communication bus (RS-485)
Manual (contact) relay activation
Audac Touch™
Connectors RJ45 (Ethernet)
1 x RJ45 (RS-485 + Audio)
Max. cable length 11811.024 "
Connection standard TIA/EIA T568B
Relay Type Two pole type
Inputs Signal 8 x 3-pin screw terminal for A & B input
Outputs Signal 8 x 2-pin screw terminal
Power Consumption 6 W (max.)
Supply 24 V DC
Product features
Dimensions 4.21 x 3.44 x 2.13 " (W x H x D)
Weight 0.44 lb
Data protocol RS-485
Required cabling UTP CAT5E
Colours Black
Construction ABS
Accessories Optional PSD24x external Power supply

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