New Dante mini stereo amplifier

Compatible with AUDAC Touch™ 2
Compatible with TouchLink™
PoE 802.3bt (and lower) compatible
Dante & AES67 digital audio input
Ethernet & RS485 control possibilities
Create a decentralized multi-zone system
AMP203 - Dante mini stereo amplifier

The AMP203 is a revolutionary mini stereo amplifier, featuring network input through Dante or AES67 providing a complete media networking solution to distribute uncompressed audio via standard Ethernet networks with near-zero latency, while allowing all other data to be connected on the same network.

Various DSP functionalities are implemented in the AMP203. This allows all configurations to be made in AUDAC Touch™ 2 or via RS485 and Ethernet, making it a fully-fletched 2 x 30W amplifier. The output connector has been implemented using a 4-pin terminal block connector, featuring an output power of 30W per channel and 60W when bridged.

Using PoE (Power over Ethernet) this extremely power-efficient amplifier receives both power and signal through a single networking cable, this way flexibility is maximized while needed cabling is kept at a minimum.

The compact convection cooled enclosure eliminates any humm or buzz otherwise caused by a fan. Various optional mounting brackets are available like the MBS1xx series, which allow it to be mounted under a desk, in a closet, on the wall, on top of a dropped ceiling or to a 19" equipment rack. This proves that the AMP203 is the perfect solution for compact to medium-sized applications in corporate, hospitality or retail environments.

Decentralize your system

Thanks to the multifunctional use of the AMP203 in combination with the AUDAC Touch™ 2 app it is possible to create a decentralized multi-zone system. By simply connecting the AMP203 to the local network and connecting the loudspeakers, a new zone can be introduced to your system.

System specifications
THD+N (@ 1 kHz) < 0.015%
Crosstalk (@ 1 kHz) < -98 dB
Efficiency > 70%
Cooling Convection cooled
Control RS-485
Power PoE 802.3bt
Protection Over heating
Over load
DC Short circuit
Signal limiting
RMS Power @ 2 Ω Bridge 1 x 60 W
Power Supply 24 V DC
Outputs Type 1 x Stereo Loudspeaker
Connector 4-pin Euro Terminal Block (Pitch - 5.08 mm)
Power Consumption 80 W (max.)
Inputs Other Type 1 x Ethernet
Dante/AES67 (4 channels)
Connector RJ45
Power Consumption Nominal (1/8 MUP) 10.6 W
RMS Power @ 4 Ω Stereo 2 x 30 W
@ 8 Ω Bridge 1 x 30 W
@ 8 Ω Stereo 2 x 30 W
@ 4 Ω Bridge 1 x 60 W
Product features
Dimensions 4.25 x 1.73 x 6.50 " (W x H x D)
Weight 1.54 lb

TouchLink™ setup example

TouchLink™ is an ingenious system that can be used for creating virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink™ compatible devices with each other. In AUDAC Touch™ 2 you can select multiple devices or amplifier channels that should react to the user as one zone.

A typical application example is a large open area where multiple (compatible) amplifiers are used. When they are virtually linked, all devices or amplifier channels with the same TouchLink™ assigned zone will be following each other’s settings (including volume, input, muting, ...).

It means, if they are all installed throughout the same area, they all will be simultaneously operated by one single control (e.g. volume fader) from the AUDAC Touch™ 2 app. Additionally, a wall panel which is physically connected to one of the linked devices will automatically control all the linked devices.

A number shall be assigned as a TouchLink™ zone (e.g. 1, 2, 3, ...) and all devices with the identical TouchLink™ ID will virtually work as one zone.



  • How can you control the AMP203 with the Touch™ 2 app over a WiFi network?

    To control the AMP203 with Audac Touch 2.0, the system uses multicast UDP packets to communicate. Depending on your set-up this throughput speed can be limited on WiFi networks.

    To solve this network limitation you can configure a multicast to unicast translation on your access point.

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Create virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink™ compatible devices.

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