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Active audio transceivers

Active audio transceivers with XLR and RCA inputs which can be implemented in 45x45mm and Bticino installation material or premanufactured in a solution box.

Audio line isolators

These stereo audio line isolators with standard shielding or MU-metal super shielding are designed to isolate audio devices from each other. In most cases they are used to avoid hum, caused by ground loops in audio systems.

Mini stereo amplifiers

Perfect for small installations where relatively low power is required, these compact sized power amplifiers offer multiple control and source connectivity possibilities.
Their Class-D technology, standby mode and included switching power supply make them compliant with the highest energy efficiency and environmental requirements.

Universal configuration & control unit

These units establish the missing link between TCP/IP, RS-232 and RS-485 for your installation. The universal configuration & control unit can be used in combination with a wide variation of ‘smart’ AUDAC devices, ranging from matrix systems and mixers to paging consoles and wall panels.

Universal input adapter

This range consists of a universal input adapter suitable for a wide variety of connections and extensions.
It can be used for converting any speaker level into a balanced or unbalanced line level signal. It has inputs for 100V, 70V, 50V, 33V and standard 8Ω low impedance speaker signals.

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