2 x VIRO5 + NOBA8 + SMQ350
Speech Level 2
Music Level 4
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The FESTA5.3 set solution offers the listener a powerful listening experience whilst maintaining a stunning and elegant design for any type of application, indoors or outdoors, ensuring true-to-nature, high-fidelity reproduction of music and speech in every environment.

Thanks to the unique combination between the versatile VIRO5 loudspeaker and the powerful NOBA bass cabinet of only 149mm thick, a perfect balance between sound clarity and power can be attained.

With the addition of the SMQ series quad channel power amplifiers this audio solution will be an excellent acoustical match, accomplished by the WaveDynamics™ technology that simultaneously provides bulletproof protection for your audio system. It will also increase the number of inputs and open the possibility to control volume and input selection through a web browser or with the AUDAC Touch™ mobile application.

Available models

There are several variants of this product available, in order to provide you with the best possible tailor-made solution.

Black version


Black version

This is a combined product:
2 x VIRO5/B + 1 x SMQ350 + 1 x NOBA8/B

White version


White version

This is a combined product:
2 x VIRO5/W + 1 x SMQ350 + 1 x NOBA8/W

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