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Digital LCR meter
3 years
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The LCR700 is a digital LCR measurement appliance, essential for sound and electronic engineers. Measurements can be made for induction, capacitance and resistance and the dissipation factor (D) can be read-out on a second display. It can be set to auto-ranging or manual mode, and all measurements can be carried out on two different frequency’s, 120Hz and 1kHz. This allows measurements of great accuracy on all kinds of specimen. An RS232 optical interface is provided to allow communication with a computer, and the Auto-Power OFF function helps to conserve the lifespan of the battery. Supplied with: RS232 PC connection cable, test leads, shock absorbing cover, software, instruction manual.

Technical specifications

System specifications
Power Consumption 0.75 W (max.)
Test frequency 1 kHz and 120 Hz
Measurements parameters Ls+(Q, D, Rs), Lp+(Q, D, Rp)
Cs+(Q, D, Rs), Cp+(Q, D, Rp)
Basic accuracy 0.5% for Resistance
0.7% for Inductance, Capacitance
Display Type C\R-4 ½ digits, max. reading of 19999
\D\R-4 digits, max. reading of 9999 (Auto range)
Measuring range control Auto & manual
Measuring speed Approx. 1x/second, nominal
Auto-Power Auto Power off if not used for 5 minutes
Protective fuse 0.1A fast-blow 250V AC
Resolution Resistance up to 0.001Ω
Inductance Capacitance up to 0.1uH/0.1pF
Power Supply 9 V DC Battery
Product Features
External Power supply Adapter min. 12 V to max. 15 V
Dimensions 3.58 x 7.56 x 2.067 " (W x H x D)
Weight 0.80 lb
Accessories Included Test leads
Instruction manual
Spare fuse in meter
RS-232 connection cable
Shock absorbing cover


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