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The sound coverage plays an important role in creating a suitable ambience within the given environment. Owners of an audio system we have spoken to, attach great importance to a user-friendly solution that creates an impeccable sound division.

AUDAC’s wide range of loudspeakers has been specifically engineered by fine-tuning every component to deliver astonishing sound clarity.

An extensive loudspeaker range for many different applications

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Elevate guest experience
Audio solutions for bars & restaurants

Elevate guest experience

Interior design strategies are vital for any successful Bar or Restaurant. Menus, lighting, seating layout, materials, and colours all combine to deliver a great customer experience and to bring the brand to life.

But of all sensory inputs, we respond quickest to sound. It’s the sense that reaches the brain first and functions as an organizer for the rest of our senses. Whether we realize it or not, sound guides our choices every single moment.

Enhance productivity
Audio solutions for corporate

Enhance productivity

When it comes to productivity, many companies forget that the mood of the employees plays a major role. Also, music is not considered to be something necessary in a business. But what if we told you that 96% of the entrepreneurs who have invested in a stereo installation have earned their investment back within 2 years? A good audio system is truly a valuable addition.

Audio solutions for retail

Give your brand a voice

If the visual components are the face of the store, the music is your voice. Music is far more than entertainment for your customers - it’s the timbre and soul of your brand that lets your customers know who you are and what you represent.

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