Wijchen, the Netherlands

Zaal 4

Near the marketplace of the Dutch little town of Wijchen the AUDAC Certified Partner AVplus installed and programmed a complete audio installation for a cozy bar & restaurant called “Zaal 4”.

Build out of an old cinema complex that only ever had 3 theater rooms, this new bar & restaurant concept appropriately got the name Zaal 4 (which means the 4th theater room). It even still has the original projector from 1912 and a lot of the other references to its old occupation, turning the establishment into a place with a very own and unique character. As it is the case with every complete concept; audio forms one of the most prominent elements in setting the right atmosphere.

With the location being used as grand café, restaurant but also as lounge bar and party venue, the choice for the right audio system wasn’t an unimportant issue. After consultation with the owners of the complex, AVplus chose to go for our PRE126 user-friendly pre-amplifier. With this 6-channel sound mixer the 2 levels of the hospitality business (restaurant, lounge / party area) can be controlled separately for an optimal adjustment. An ultimate dispersion of sound is generated with a whopping amount of 14 VEXO8 compact high-power speakers and 4 BASO 15 bass reflex cabinets. The tight speaker design perfectly matches the retro cinematic atmosphere and above all this place won't fall short of sound! The whole speaker system is powered by only three SMQ750 amplifiers that are capable of delivering sufficient power to all wall speakers and the bass cabinets at the same time.

“Another advantage of this set-up is the fact that a band or dj when playing in the weekends or at an event in one of the party rooms, can very easily connect to the system due to the strategically installed XLR connection plates.” says Tom Hijmans, installer at AVplus. Our partner AVplus explicitly let us know that the hosts of Zaal 4 were amazed with the sound quality and are delighted about their new sound system.

Photography: © Multibeeld.nl 2016

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