Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Starbucks Manufacturing EMEA

The well-known brand Starbucks engages in coffee roasting. They also offer a selection of excellent Starbucks Tea, delicious pastries and other appetizing treats to pamper your taste buds. With over 20.000 settlements worldwide and wanting to increase their current amount by 12.000 before 2021, it is a successful and fast-growing company. The supplier of Starbucks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is Starbucks Manufacturing EMEA and is located in The Netherlands.

After expanding their business, Starbucks Manufacturing EMEA asked Koster AVL to provide the factory in Amsterdam of a sound installation that was powerful enough to overwhelm the loud noise of the machines.  The old sound installation consisted out of different kinds of music sources with different music channels in one room. As you can imagine, it wasn’t an ideal setup because of all the music that overflowed one another. That’s the reason why an AUDAC matrix-system was used with a radio frequency of their choice per different zone.

The production space is provided with the powerful 8” WX802/B – Universal wall speakers which gives a beautiful sound reproduction and are even perfect for a small party or gathering in the production halls. They have installed the speakers aiming at the staff, which helps lowering the echo in the room itself. A MWX65/B – All-in-one wall panel module with a display was also installed in the production room allowing all the employees to simply change the music channel and control the volume. This way It’s also possible for the staff to connect their iPhone or other external music sources if they prefer their own music over the radio instead.

The office areas were equipped with CS85 Quick fit 2-way 8" ceiling speakers and has central operation. The MTX48 4-zone audio matrix makes managing all sound in the entire installation flexible and convenient. The main audio source is an IMP40 SourceCon™ internet audio player that was implemented in the XMP44 professional modular audio player.

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