Debrecen, Hungary

Mercure Hotel

Nestled in the busy center of Debrecen, just a short distance from the famous Reformed Great Church of Debrecen, stands the newly built Mercure Hotel. A top-notch 4-star hotel designed especially for business travellers. This hotel sets a high standard in hospitality with its cutting-edge services and advanced digital infrastructure.

One notable feature of the Mercure Hotel is its sound system provided by integrator AVMAX, carefully crafted to enhance the guest experience across the premises. The foundation of this audio system consists of carefully chosen AUDAC products to deliver exceptional sound quality and flexibility. Among these are the MTX88 8-zone audio matrix, offering seamless control through AUDAC Touch™ across various areas of the hotel, and the MPX88 SurfaceTouch™ paging microphone, enabling intuitive announcements across eight zones. 

Sourcing these components is the XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system, allowing any project combination up to four sources resulting in a versatile solution that lives up to the needs of any user. Along with the XMP44, the PMQ480 and PMQ240 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifiers provides a strong and dependable performance.

To achieve immersive audio coverage throughout the hotel, 99 loudspeakers were strategically placed. This includes the CIRA524 QuickFit™ ceiling loudspeakers, offering a toolfree installation, finished with the GLI05 optional black front grill to harmoniously blend with the hotel's interior while delivering excellent sound reproduction. Furthermore, outdoor areas like the hotel's terrace are provided with WX502MK2 weather-resistant speakers in white, ensuring audio enjoyment in any environment.

With this top-notch audio setup, the Mercure Hotel in Debrecen takes the guest experience to new heights. 

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