Rotterdam, the Netherlands


At GOUD in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, you can find a place where passion for cooking comes together with quality cocktails. Entering the restaurant, you imagine yourself in a world of gold, marble, brass and green velvet which fits perfectly with the “Rotterdam Chique” interior. At GOUD they find it important to rely on your own strength, don’t compromise, be original and be modern which are also the four core values that summarise the restaurant. All these factors are the perfect combination for an unforgettable evening for every occasion. 

Dutch AUDAC Certified Partner, Key Music Projects, from Rotterdam was approached to put together a sound system that sounds and shines gold. It was very important that the loudspeakers blended in the unique Rotterdam Chique atmosphere. For this reason, they decided to paint the BASO12 bass reflex cabinet and 8 XENO8 full range loudspeakers in gold. So it's a real mission to find them in the restaurant.

The 8 XENO full range loudspeakers in combination with 4 CIRA840D Quickfit™ ceiling speakers provides clear and suiting background music throughout the restaurant. The whole system sounds warm and full even at low volumes and thanks to the BASO12 bass reflex cabinet is the system powerful enough for the cocktail evenings where a DJ takes over from the background music.

The whole system is amplified by an SMA350 dual-channel amplifier and 2 SMQ350 quad-channel power amplifiers. With the combination of the PRE240 four zone preamplifier and the EPA152 dual-channel amplifier the speakers can be controlled and powered throughout the various areas of the restaurant. 

So thanks to this unique audio system of AUDAC, you can fantasize yourself in the world of the Rotterdam Chique and fully enjoy your unforgettable night at GOUD. 

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