Lentebad Zevenaar

Zevenaar, the Netherlands

In 2016 the public swimming pool in Zevenaar (the Netherlands) had to undergo a comprehensive renovation to make the sporting facility completely future proof again. This renovation included an update of the complete audio system for which the AUDAC partner T3 Live and the local audio company West Audio were contacted for installing this multipurpose audio system. After some deliberation, the choose was made for the extensive M2 multi-zone audio mixer, to control the entire audio system. Thanks to its superior DSP power and configuration modes, the M2 turned out to be the optimal solution for the audio distribution in the swimming pool. To control this elaborate device, multiple DW5066 control panels were installed in special cabinets to operate the audio mixer from strategic locations within the pool-area.

Because the staff at Lentebad wanted a flexible system that is easy to use, a series of Global Scene presets where written for specific pool activities. These scenes could be easily recalled by using the smooth user interface of the wall panels or with the custom-made Audac Touch™ dashboard that could be addressed from any smartphone or tablet. The programmed presets vary from ‘Aqua Fitness’ to ‘Disco swimming’.

An APM108 paging microphone was placed at the reception which effortlessly helps the operator to bring a message over to any selected zone.  The background music is provided by the ISP40 Internet Audio Player which provides a library of over 30.000 radio stations and has the advantage of Linum™ technology that guarantees a reliable audio source so it never drops out of sound. More than sufficient power for the speakers is provided by two SMQ350’s and a SMQ500 power amplifier with WaveDynamics™ processing.

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