Fidelity fit and well

Almaty, Kazakhstan

AUDAC collaborated with Fidelity fit and well, a fitness group located in Kazakhstan and central Asia. This healthy business offers not only sport and wellness facilities, Fidelity fit and well tries to offer a new way of life to thousands of citizens since 2001.

One of the most frequently visited Fidelity fit and well clubs is located in essentai-mall and is equipped with AUDAC. For the cycling zone and the dancing hall our AUDAC partner in Kazakhstan used 14 x PX112 (full range loudspeakers) powered by 5 x SMA series amplifiers. These loudspeakers are an important tool for improving the effectiveness of a training. The swimming area is equipped with 3 x WX502/O series wall loudspeakers which are especially designed for waterproof applications.

The corridors and other service rooms are installed with 7 x WX302 loudspeakers which provide the perfect solution for relatively small premises. Every zone which is equipped with loudspeakers can be fully controlled with APM104MK2 microphones whereby voices messages can easily be send to a specific area.

Products used:

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