Dinosaurs in the Wild

London, United Kingdom

The 21st century steps back 67 million years for a new immersive, live action spectacle where Birmingham’s NEC opened a new venue for an entirely new type of entertainment experience. The producers behind the BBC series ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ have created an interactive spectacle, using the latest AV and animatronic technology, where you can witness living dinosaurs with your own eyes and it’s called: ‘Dinosaurs in the Wild’. 

With the previous show ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’, people could experience animatronic dinosaurs in an arena but now, people are free to move around. The new concept made sound an important element to call the attention to different actions. Therefore a reliable audio installation was required. After examining different possibilities it became clear that AUDAC was best fitted for the job. 

The real challenge was to make the visitors believe the sounds were actually coming from beyond the windows, whilst not being distracted by different sounds elsewhere within the experience. Because each area required a different audio background and the animatronics all had their individual sounds and voices, it was important that the speakers could handle all the different tasks and replicate the sounds realistically. 

Over 200 speakers from AUDAC were installed that produce these sounds and voices of the digital dinosaurs flawlessly. A Combination of 72 WX502/B universal wall speakers, 105 ATEO4 and ATEO6 wall speakers are placed all over the venue to produce the right sounds needed. Not only the right sound was necessary, but also the bass to make the dinosaur world feel alive. For this reason 16 BASO15/B 15” bass reflex cabinets are installed, Through these bass cabinets visitors can really feel the powerful roars of the dinosaurs.

Walking with dinosaurs is a truly unforgettable experience and astonishes all of its visitors. The result off all the AUDAC speakers combined has worked wonderfully and created an impressive environment like nothing anyone has seen or heard.

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