Chiapas Taco Cartel

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Chiapas Taco Cartel is a Mexican chain restaurant in The Netherlands with 2 venues: one in the capital Amsterdam and one in The Hague. At both restaurants, they try to serve the best food, inspired by the southernmost province of Mexico “Chiapas”.  This region is best known for its street food, cabdrivers and beautiful nature.

Taco Cartel offers the tastiest tacos, burritos and other Mexican snacks. Besides the good food, they like to keep it simple: there are no waiters, glasses or knives outside of the kitchen. It’s self-service with a smile which creates that real street food feeling!

Both venues in Amsterdam and The Hague uses different audio setups to meet the different needs in each restaurant. The venue in Amsterdam uses 4 WX502 universal wall speakers that distribute the authentic Mexican music equally throughout the restaurant. These speakers are powered by a single DPA152 dual-channel amplifier. 

At the venue in The Hague, a combination of a BASO15 bass reflex cabinet 15" and 4 VEXO8 compact high-power speaker 8" is provided for an ultimate dispersion of the Mexican jingles. The SMQ750 quad-channel power amplifier can handle up to 750W which is perfect for the high-demanding power of these speakers.

It’s guaranteed you will have the best Taco-experience by visiting one of these two restaurants, certainly with the new AUDAC installation provided at both restaurants.

Products used:

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