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Full range wall loudspeakers

This loudspeaker range is specifically designed for fixed audio installations in modern environments, offering different sizes of contemporary and elegantly designed solutions. What makes them so unique is their full range audio design, allowing them to be used without additional bass cabinet.

Design wall loudspeakers

These extraordinary loudspeakers are especially designed for a wide variety of fixed install indoor applications, ranging from modern residential applications to the most demanding designer applications in environments such as retail stores, pubs, restaurants or even clubs thanks to its high power components and extremely wide spread angle.

Design surface mount loudspeakers

The unique, contemporary curved design provides a stylish look with plenty of versatility. These design surface mount loudspeakers offer numerous mounting options and a wide range of different configurations, providing an endless variety of versatile placement options in terms of mounting and coverage.

Universal wall loudspeakers

These 2-way performance speakers deliver true to nature, high fidelity reproductions of music and speech. For optimal orientation, an included mounting bracket allows horizontal or vertical mounting as well as focusing the speaker in the desired direction. Thanks to a built-in line transformer, they can be used in both 100V or low impedance applications. In addition, a fitted protection network will insure against tweeter overload.

Outdoor wall loudspeakers

The additional features of the WX outdoor series really make the difference. A drain hole makes sure the moisture can flow out freely when condensation occurs. The special designed waterproof AWX5™ connector lets you set the power for the speakers in three adjustable steps for 100V and one step for low impedance applications.

The enclosure is made of durable weatherproof ABS, while the electroplated coating of the included mounting bracket easily passes the 96 hours salt-spray test. The included mounting bracket lets you mount and focus the speaker both horizontally and vertically.

Surface loudspeakers

These elegant surface mount loudspeakers are the perfect solution when flush mount integration into walls or ceilings are impossible. They are designed for applications where unobtrusive sound is required. The construction is made out of high-quality materials, ensuring a beautiful reproduction for music and speech. Fitted with multi-tapping line transformers, connections to 100V public address systems with different power are possible.

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