21 January 2020

WX series MK2 – An upgrade for these wall speakers

We are happy to announce a new improved series for our already existing WX series universal wall speakers. The WX series MK2 comprises of both indoor and outdoor 2-way performance speakers suited for a wide variety of applications, delivering true to nature, high fidelity reproductions of music and speech. For optimal orientation, an included mounting bracket allows for horizontal or vertical mounting as well as focusing of the speaker in the desired direction. Thanks to a built-in line transformer, they can be used in both 100V or low impedance applications

This new series retains all its strengths but has also been upgraded in a few specific areas with installer convenience and durability in mind. The connection of the indoor speakers has been changed to a terminal block, which makes it easier to install a single WXMK2 wall speaker. In addition it can also be easily looped through with several speakers.

The material used for the mounting bracket on the outdoor versions has been improved by using aluminum, making the WX series MK2 even more resistant to extreme weather conditions. Both indoor and outdoor versions are now equipped with an elegant rotatable AUDAC logo. 

The WXMK2 can be installed in a variety of applications as both the indoor and outdoor series of the WXMK2 universal wall speakers are available in 3", 5¼" and 8" versions. In addition you can choose between both black and white.

New packaging for a better future

Our upgraded WX universal wall speakers will be shipped in a brand new packaging. To help take on the environmental challenges we face today, it is important to look into the way we produce and distribute our products.

The brand new packaging for our WX MK2 series uses a significantly smaller amount of plastic. Instead, we used fully naturally degradable carton. Our goal for the future is to make packaging that is completely plastic-free. That way we can keep delivering innovative audio solutions without it impacting the beautiful world we live in.

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