14 June 2018

New WaveDynamics™ presets

A complete library of AUDAC loudspeaker and set solution presets is now available for your projects, making it easy as picking the right file, loading it & play! Besides the optimal acoustic configurations, this library also includes the loudspeaker performance parameters providing a bulletproof protection for them.

Moreover, it is also easy to make changes thanks the WaveDynamics™ configurator in the AUDAC System manager which allows you to optimize and protect your loudspeakers sets extremely accurate.

WaveDynamics™ presets now available for:

- ATEO series
- AXIR series
- BASO series
- CELO series
- CENA series - New -
- CHA series
- CIRA series - New -
- FX series

- GIAX series
- HS series
- KYDO series
- MERO series
- PX series
- VEXO series
- WX series - New -
- XENO series

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