24 November 2020

KYRA series – 8 reasons why

Why choose the KYRA series as your next column loudspeaker? Here are 8 reasons why: 

1. Blends in esthetically 
Did you know the renewed bracket of the KYRA column loudspeakers ensures that the distance from the wall to the front of the loudspeaker is only 147mm? Which is 22mm less than the previous versions, allowing the column loudspeaker to blend even more into its surroundings. 

2. High quality components
Did you know the KYRA column speakers are housed in a slim and elegantly constructed enclosure made out of aluminium and finished with finely perforated grills to give the loudspeaker a clean design?

3. Optimized driver placement
Did you know the redesigned driver placement of the KYRA column loudspeakers has been repositioned providing you with an optimized coverage area? 

4. Overcome acoustical challenges
Did you know the KYRA column loudspeaker series are designed for a wide variety of applications where audibility and intelligibility of music and speech have the highest importance, such as churches, auditoria or meeting rooms?

5. Plug and play installation
Did you know the power tapping switch of the KYRA column loudspeakers has been moved to the back of the loudspeaker, allowing you to easily choose the right power tapping for the right 70V/100V application without removing the grill?

6. Convenient angle of inclination
Did you know the improved bracket of the KYRA column loudspeaker series enables easy swiveling and down titling allowing you to determine an even more ideal distribution angle?

7. Effortlessly amaze your partners 
Did you know you can easily amaze your partners by the stunning performance of the KYRA column loudspeaker series with the newest MBK260 stand adapter? The adapter allows you to effortlessly place the speaker on any speaker stand.

8. Outdoor proof
Did you know the KYRA12 has an outdoor alternative, guaranteeing optimal performance and long term reliability in any environment where moisture and humidity are strongly present?

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