16 August 2016

EPA series : Energy Star class-D amplifiers

AUDAC's EPA energy efficient amplifiers are combining an outstanding sound quality with other known advantages of Class-D amplifiers such as high energy efficiency. Automatic signal detection switches the amplifier to standby mode when no input signal is detected. This makes the amplifier comply to international energy and environmental requirements.

The compact size and lightweight design only requires a single 19” rack space, while making them suitable for both fixed rack and mobile applications. The convection cooled construction requires only a minimum maintenance while guaranteeing high reliability.

A quote from the AUDAC distributor in Sweden:
“The new EPA amplifiers from AUDAC give the installers an impressive alternative for small to medium-sized projects. These professional amplifiers achieved an Energy Star 3.0 rating thanks to a signal detection system. This system enables an automatic power off when the amplifier stops receiving a sound input. The Energy Star label is something that is appreciated in our market, as more customers want to reduce power consumption and more fixed installation-projects have this requirement." explained Bjorn Starfelt, Starfelt Company's CEO.

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