27 May 2019

Completing the ATEO design wall loudspeaker series

We're excited to introduce you to the 16-ohms versions of the ATEO4 and ATEO6. With these D-versions of our ATEO design wall speakers, we created a simple and even more cost-effective solution for small installations where a 100V system is undesirable. 

The 16 Ohm speakers offer a simple solution for small retail and residential applications, it is possible to connect up to 4 speakers in parallel to a 4 Ohm amplifier channel. By removing the 100V transformer, we can offer you the same build quality and listening experience for which AUDAC is known at an even lower price.

As total solution provider we strive for perfection within our extensive loudspeaker range. For this specific reason we have also developed the ATEO4MK2 which is an improved version of its precursor. By implementing a new cross over, we have been able to improve the sound quality and ensure the loudspeaker to have an ultra-flat frequency response. 

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