20 February 2019

AUDAC Enthusiast - Kristof Lemmens

We would like to introduce you regularly to the AUDAC enthusiasts who are helping us spreading the word of our innovative solutions. We begin today with Kristof Lemmens 

Name: Kristof Lemmens

Job title: Project Manager

years in function:  14,5 years

What are your responsibilities at AUDAC?
As responsible for the project department within AUDAC, I make sure that everything to do with project-based offers and developments for the Belgian market is done. Designing projects and making offers for the whole Belgian market. Developing these projects and also following-up these projects at all times. 

How does your day look like at AUDAC?
Every day is different as every project is different. I mostly design projects for the customers of the Belgian market, this is the biggest part of my day. Besides that I also make sure that the delivered projects are followed up. 

How did you end up at AUDAC?
As an industrial engineering electronics (master) student, I was looking for a place where I could finish my thesis and so I ended up at AUDAC. Here I was able to work on my thesis at the Research & Development department for 1 year. My thesis was about web-based sound level meters and this were also the first steps of AUDAC in the web-based story. After I finished my internship/thesis, they asked me if I wanted to continue working for AUDAC. I agreed immediately without a doubt. 

What has been one of your best moment at AUDAC?
The best moments at AUDAC are when you can think completely out-of-the-box and combine different techniques as well old as new ones and in this way come to the best possible solution for a customer. And of course in the best possible price and quality proportion. The best moments are every time you enter a building and see a beautiful project that has been realized with AUDAC. That’s what we're doing it for.

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