30 August 2017

10 years of PRE-series

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the PRE-series with the implementation of two new models within the series, the PRE116 & PRE126.

The PRE26 was first of its kind and knew his popularity thanks to its simplicity. With its 6 input channels, this stereo preamplifier offers the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications where different music sources have to be mixed and distributed.

Tom Van de Sande, Marketing manager at AUDAC: “To ensure that our products stay always ahead of time we launched two new models within the PRE-series. The PRE116 and PRE126 are distinguishing from their predecessors with the integration of a Bluetooth receiver and a 3.5mm jack connection on its front panel. This offers convenient wired or wireless connection possibilities for portable or handheld devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets.”

A recent example where the renewed PRE116 has just been installed is the Schoppa restaurant in Bratislava. Through the various rooms the user friendly preamplifier was used to create the right atmosphere between the different audio sources.

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