A true plug-and-play mounting system.

The ClickMount™ technology ensures a true plug-and-play user-friendly installation. This professional system has the advantage of making the speaker cabinet click onto its mounting bracket either horizontally or vertically via a 6.3mm jack connector. After installation, the speaker angle can be adjusted by using the bracket arm.

The ClickMount™ system installation procedure exists only of three simple steps:

Step 1:

Mount the ceiling bracket at the desired location using the supplied screws. Cabling can be connected with the spring clamp connector.

Step 2:

Mount the ATEO2S horizontally or vertically by sliding it on the ceiling mount equipped with a 6.3mm jack connector.

Step 3:

When you feel a click, the speaker is securely fixed in place. You can now adjust the speaker angle both vertically and horizontally by using the bracket arm.

Products with ClickMount™

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