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The improved CleverMount+™ innovation allows for quick and easy mounting of the ATEOxM loudspeakers. After attaching the wall mount to the desired location, the speaker can be connected in seconds. The integrated WAGO spring cage terminals provide convenient and high-quality electrical installation without additional tools. An external power tap selection switch on the rear of the speaker facilitates easy installation and modification. The patented CleverMount+™ technology seamlessly blends the speaker cabinet with the mounting bracket, creating an aesthetically pleasing entity. A separate bracket base ensures safe installation. This system makes it effortless to install numerous loudspeakers efficiently.

Step 1

Begin by effortlessly affixing our supplied wall mount to your preferred spot on any wall. Our mount securely fastens with four screws, ensuring stability and durability. Levelling of the speaker can be done in step 3! WAGO connectors handle up to 4.0 mm2 cable section, ensuring a reliable and secure connection. Enjoy installer convenience with spring cage terminals, no extra tools are required!

Step 2

ATEOxM has two connection latches on it and those connection latches should be placed to attachment points on the CleverMount+™ mounting system. When the mounting is done correctly, connecting blades of the mounting system will be mated with ATEOxM and a clicking sound will be heard.

Step 3

No levelling needed! Extremely firm fixation from the front, allowing swift and accurate inclination. Elevate your experience by effortlessly customizing the placement to suit your unique preferences. With versatile mounting choices, achieving the perfect setup is a breeze, offering you unparalleled flexibility in creating the ideal environment.

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