The only loudspeaker mount where functionality and elegance truly meet.


Loudspeakers that are equipped with the CleverMount™ technology have the advantage of making the speaker cabinet flow together with the mounting bracket providing a great ease for installing the loudspeaker in one good-looking entity. A safe installation of the loudspeaker is acquired thanks to the separate bracket base. This base can easily be installed and connected without the help of a second person. Once the bracket base is firmly mounted to a wall, the loudspeaker cables can be connected to its desired breakout points. The loudspeaker can now slide on to the bracket base with the use of only one hand. Thanks to this system, the loudspeaker placement and connection can be made before final delivery of the project.

CleverMount™ also enables you to angle the loudspeaker in both  vertical and horizontal direction from the front side so that the perfect angle is achieved. This way, it’s really child’s play to install a large number of loudspeakers in no-time.


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