Universal Sound System Modeling in 3D

EASE Focus 3

An acoustic simulation program for 3D modeling

Due to the investment of AUDAC in speaker based licenses, EASE Focus 3 is free for any user. It is based on AFMG’s leading simulation software EASE, the EASE Focus 3 concept made it possible to implement a broad scope of features and functionality.

  • Simulate column speakers, point sources, and sub arrays
  • Define audience areas, section views, and receiver locations flexibly
  • Calculate sound coverage and frequency response immediately
  • Use a broad variety of AUDAC speakers within one project
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Simulate acoustical performance

With EASE Focus 3, system designers can simulate the acoustical performance of the complete sound system to find the optimal setup for a given venue with multiple audience areas, curved and inclining seating.

A smart application

Intelligent features

EASE Focus 3 assists the user with many intelligent features such as Auto Splay functions, Virtual EQ, and detailed analysis of sound coverage, SPL and frequency response.

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